Software development

From small improvements to enterprise projects

We take care of your project pipeline so you can focus on your business. We enable digital transformation in order to streamline your processes.

Codesulting aims to deliver your projects on time and in budget for its software projects, whether you want to create new applications from scratch or enhance existing software.

We focus mostly on web development and more specifically within a Microsoft environment:

  • SharePoint on-prem
  • Office 365 including SharePoint online
  • Client side development
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • TypeScript

Information management

From data to knowledge to wisdom

The most used sentence these days in keynote sessions is ‘Data is the new oil’. Whilst we fully agree with this sentence, data is only the start.

You can have millions and millions of records but how do you process them and where do you find the conclusions?

Codesulting offers its 10+ years of experience in progressing from data to wisdom. Knowing your data is step one. Step two is identifying which bits and pieces are important so you can process it accordingly.

Wisdom is what comes at the end. From the millions of records you have, how do you predict the future from it? Which actions lead to more sales? Which decisions lead to a better outcome?


Identify repeatable tasks. Automate them. Repeat.

Many businesses spend a lot of money on resources and have them do the same thing over and over again.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Receive an Excel file from a supplier and change the structure so it fits the structure for your application
  • A new joiner in your company needs to wait a full day before his account, e-mail address, permissions are created and set up
  • Fetching data from different sources and create a daily/weekly/monthly report
  • Creating backups
  • Check multiple times if a customer already uploaded a file into your SharePoint server

These are all, and there are many many more, tasks that can be easily automated. Save money on these tasks so you can spend the money and time where it matters.

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